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Live from Tbilisi, publisher Guy Livingston celebrated our seventh birthday at the Georgian International Festival of the Arts.


Interview with
Stanley Kwan


Acoustic sculptures
by the
Freres Baschet

Regard du Cygne
A great space in Paris...

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No one can resist Dan's trenchant pen from our archives: Read about composer Mathias Spahlinger, Kevin Whitehead and the New Dutch Swing, Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink, not to mention a new disc by David Slusser. And there's more on the contents page.

dan's cd reviews
Dan saved up all day to write the wildest CD Reviews ever: Anthony Braxton, Bruno Meillieur, Christian Wolff, Henry Cowell, Original Works for Theremin, Captain Beefheart, Chamaeleo Vulgaris, James Fei, Glen Hall...

60 seconds
Link to our Sixty Seconds for Piano program, performed and instigated by Paris Transatlantic Magazine publisher & pianist Guy Livingston. Sixty composers from eighteen countries feature in this musical-theatrical show. A disc of these pieces is now available from Wergo Records.


Zulu MacBeth
Alfred, Alfred
Philip Glass
Peter Maxwell Davies

Joëlle Léandre
Peter Greenaway
Betsy Jolas
Paul Lansky
Ben Johnston
Pierre Audi
Newt Hinton
David Grubbs
Luc Ferrari



Feldman (X/97)
Greenaway (II/98)
Stockhausen (III/98)
Euro. Wind (V/98)
Vox Nova (V/98)
ISO (V/98)
Hi-Text 3 (V/98)
Grand Macabre (VI/98)
Tokyo Hats (VIII/98)
London Proms (VIII/98)
Mulhouse (VIII/98)
K. K. Roll (IX/98)
Momente (X/98)
Philip Glass (XII/98)
Vox Nova, Nono (I/99)
Dallapiccola: Vol de Nuit (I/99)
Peter Maxwell Davies Opera (I/99)
DJ Spooky (UPIC) (I/99)
Arditti, Oppens, Carter (II/99)
Indonesian Leipzig (II/99)
Kassandra, Jarrell (II/99)
'E Zezi (II/99)
John Adams (II/99)
Sweden in Leipzig (III/99)
Szene Tokyo in Leipzig
Nono, EIC, Paris (V/99)


DECEMBER 2003: Interview with ROGER SMITH ; Editorial ; Reissue this! Steve Beresford on Kwela by Gwigwi's Band ; Marty Ehrlich ; Jazz, Improvizative Music, Kanyizsa (Serbia / Montenegro) ; On Musica Genera: Olaf Rupp & Joe Williamson / Butcher, Zerang, Lonberg-Holm / Johannes Bergmark & Martin Klapper / Chris Burn's Ensemble ; Christopher Delaurenti ; Joëlle Léandre ; David Grubbs & Loren Connors ; Jazz & Improv: Matt Davis, Phil Durrant, Mark Wastell / Joel Stern, Anthony Guerra / Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Matt Hannafin, Bob Marsh / Mike Khoury / Paul Smoker / Derek Bailey & Tristan Honsinger / Sachiko M ; Contemporary: Radu Malfatti, Ilya Monosov / Marie-Hélène Fournier ; Electronica: Henry Jacobs / JD Robb / Greg Headley.

NOVEMBER 2003: Interview with RHODRI DAVIES; Free beermats from Columbia! ; On Absurd: Sindre Bjerga & Anders Gjerde / Tetuzi Akiyama in New Zealand / Adam Sonderberg & Sam Dellaria /Sonic Catering Band ; Mal Waldron & Judi Silvano ; Music from the ONCE Festival 1961-66 ; On Thirsty Ear: Spring Heel Jack / Tim Berne / DJ Wally ; Milton Babbitt ; Vijay Iyer ; On TwoThousandAnd: lucky rabbit / Mattin ; Jazz & Improv: Larry Stabbins / Scott Rosenberg's Skronktet West / Thierry Madiot ; Butcher, Hansen, Krakowiak / Tobias Delius / psi / Krebs, Bosetti ; Electronica: bernhard günter / Satoru Wono / Aki Onda

Reviews by Dan Warburton and Alicia Austin: Chosen Voices; MUSIQUE D’HIVER; Plinc! Plonc!; L’Hôtel du bout de la Terre; Bailey / Hautzinger; METEOR CIRCUIT; Scott Smallwood ; Jack Wright / Bob Falesch; BLACK CHERRY; Pimmon; Mimeo
2002 Releases:

Hugo Roussel / Norman D. Mayer; John Latartara; Jeff Song & Lowbrow; Walter Horn; NEW WORLD PYGMIES VOL. 2; Randy Weston; Screaming Headless Torsos; Essential Cowell; Dill.
March 2002 Releases:
; VogelKwartet; bLechtum from bLechdom/ HAUS DE SNAUS/ The Inside Story/ Tigerbeat6 Inc. ; Cornelius (What happened to the plastic ones?); The Frog Peak Collaborations Project; Golden Years of Soviet Jazz; and a concert review: Radio France: "typically british" by new PTM critic D. Andrew Stewart
February Releases:
ZENTRALQUARTETT; Ursel Schlicht / Implicate Order
Eltractor; ELRADIO; CD ROM review: DomUSticks IDEOTRONs; CD review: Seth Misterka, THE DEMON; MOSQ; Morton Feldman, STRING QUARTET (II) -"like carrot juice or organic pasta"; Hamid Drake & Assif Tsahar; Sophie Agnel / Lionel Marchetti / Jérôme Noetinger (ROUGE GRIS BRUIT, PHOSPHOR)
January Releases 2002: New Releases
reviewed by Dr. Dan, Guy Livingston, and James Baiye:
David S. Ware Quartet; Giacinto Scelsi; Snorri Sigfús Birgisson: piano music; Mekons: FEAR AND WHISKEY; JAMES FEI on: Organized Sound ; 3 Paul Flaherty releases: PRANA & THE ILYA TREE & THE HATED MUSIC; 3 Crouton releases: Jon Mueller/Bhob Rainey/Achim Wollscheid & Telecognac & Aranos/Mueller/Rosenau; Henry Cowell

December Releases 2001: Jessica Pavone / Jackson Moore; OHMIX; Hartmut Geerken & The Art Ensemble of Chicago; Kidd Jordan & the Elektrik Band; Icebreaker; CCMIX New Electroacoustic Music from Paris; The Cosmosamatics; Harry S. Truman & Dwight Frizzell; Globe Unity Orchestra; Itsfromat; Brandon Labelle; Joe McPhee; Pauline Oliveros; Triage; Without Fear CDs: LIVES; APPROACHING TOTALITY; CROSSING INTO THE ELECTRIC MAGNETIC; Zerx CDs: NEVER NEVER LAND; YUP, WE'RE BEATING A DEAD HORSE
November Issue: New releases reviewed by Dan Warburton: PRANA, THE ILYA TREE; Cor Fuhler / Gert-Jan Prins: THE FLIRTS; John Law Quartet: ABACUS; Bruno Meillier / Toshimaru Nakamura: SIPHONO; Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura: WEATHER; Derek Bailey / Noèl Akchoté: CLOSE TO THE KITCHEN; David Grubbs: THIRTY-MINUTE RAVEN; TOM PREHN QUARTET; ZUIHITSU; LIVE AT GLENN MILLER CAFÉ; FIN DE LA VOIX; Michael Jon Fink: I HEAR IT IN THE RAIN; Brett Larner: ITADAKIMASU; LISTEN... and tell me what it was; THE SHADOWGRAPH SERIES; Ground Fault Releases: Contagious Orgasm; PORTRAIT D'UN GLACIER (ALPES 2173m); Bastard Noise: DESCENT TO MIMAS...and don't miss new interviews with Pamela Z and Radu Malfatti. This month we're pleased to welcome from Paris, via the Bay Area, new writer Alicia Austin, author of the Pamela Z interview.
September Reviews: LE CAHIER DU BAL; Karayorgis Albums; AUX PORTES DU MATIN; Jac Berrocal; John Coltrane + McCoy Tyner; IAMAPHOTOGRAPHER; Evan Parker, Patrick Scheyder; ...and if you never thought you'd see Björk in these pages, here's a surprise! : VESPERTINE
Plus, Franz Hautzinger; BOWED METAL MUSIC and NEW MUSIC FOR MUSIC BOXES and THE NATURE OF TIME (Innova releases); Looking East and The Ilya Tree (Boxholder releases); FUNKY PRECEDENT Vol.2; and Jemeel Moondoc and Alan Silva (Eremite records); plus a Politicized Press Release

Fall 2001:
Each of these Quatuor Accorde musicians deploys a veritable arsenal of extended techniques that would be the envy of any classically-trained composer. Adam Sonderberg’s "Canned Goods I and II" are one-liners in themselves, beautiful Zen-drawings in sound. Marilyn Nonken does an amazing job of articulating Finnissy’s complex structure with considerable aplomb. Pandelis Karayorgis takes the instrument one step beyond the innovations of Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor. Rene Bertholo has wisely written himself an escape clause, calling it "Mosik", since he apparently has "doubts as to whether the sounds could be described as music.."; John Butcher’s duos counterpoint the saxophonist's explorations of flutter-tonguing, multiphonics and extreme high register (on the soprano) playing with exquisitely placed percussion work. Daevid Allen’s sophomores at the U of Errors have a lot of credit hours to do if they ever intend to graduate. Lionel Marchetti: an "intricate tape-music exploration of Shamanism and ecstatic states of mind" David Borden's Mother Mallard outfit has long been overlooked and consigned to a dusty corner of ProgRock; DISAPPEARED: all in all the whole album really rocks, even if I can't see what John Corbett's liner notes are getting at.
And more releases (for those August Dog-Days): CD review: Morton Subotnick ; Archie Shepp ; The Residents ; COPPER HATS ; Matching Mole ; Phil Freeman ; Alan Licht & Tamio Shiraishi ; Hubbub ; Lionel Marchetti / Voice Crack / Jérôme Noetinger Rectangle CD reviews: SONGS FROM A ROOM; SIMPLE JOSEPH; THIRTY-MINUTE RAVEN

and even more reviews, articles, and interviews:
The Circle Trio ; WHISPERING BLUE ; Daevid Allen ; The Angels of Light ; Axel Dörner / Kevin Drumm ; Vinny Golia ; Chris Jonas' The Sun Spits Cherries ; Mr Dorgon
; Un Drame Musical Instantané ; The Chicago Underground Quartet ; TAKU SUGIMOTO ; Evan Parker / Richard Nunn ; Cornelius Cardew ; and THE ENTIRE MUSICAL WORK OF MARCEL DUCHAMP ...Or read our review of the San Francisco Centennial Celebrations, including a really really loud concert conduced by Michael Tilson Thomas and a conference led by Charles Amirkhanian... Meanwhile, on the Antheil subject, we spoke by telephone with film director Michael Meert at his home in Spain. The topic was his new documentary on George Antheil, shown recently on Arte Television in France and Germany.
May News
“Ugh! That's awful,” said Dan's wife about "A Chance to Cut..." CD Review: Philip Corner is one of the more fascinating (and scandalously under-recorded) American composers of the post-War period.... Russian émigré pianist Nabatov has courageously chosen to set a poem of the highest order.... Replacement found for Carnegie Hall post.... The Sun City Girls, despite a penchant for dressing up and wearing masks, aren't as elusive as The Residents, with whom they're often compared... Re-issue: March 1979 found John Stevens in one of his familiar haunts, a sweaty, smoky London pub called the Plough.
April 2001
Pat Thomas joins a small, heroic band of pianists who are prepared to confront the history of the instrument head on.... Musicologically important controlled substance report: Absinthe.... Use the letters in the names of the Brotzmann Tentet for this wacky anagram... Early 1998 was a fertile time for Brazilian-born tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman... As Harry Halbreich pointed out, the twentieth century is now "unthinkable without Scelsi."... In 1982, Möslang Guhl were making a hell of a racket with horns, oscillators, smashed up radios, Dictaphones, and apparently anything else they could lay their hands on... Solid evidence that percussionist Ian Davis and his troops have really come to terms with the problematics of large ensemble improvisation.
News: CD reviews: KOGLMANN / DIXON / LACY: Opium... New CD: Bertrand Denzler / Norbert Pfammatter...Album review: You didn't believe these guys existed: Reynols...CD review: DJ Smash and Phonography....Competition Results: Gaudeamus Prizes in Performance...and an Opera at the Bastille in Paris: Joseph K...
”Sur Incises” belongs to the same Boulezian clangorous sound-world as “Eclat”... Nachtluft means “night air”, if my minimal German is correct, but if you come to this expecting the nocturnal spaced-out minimalism of Müller’s later “Table Chair and Hatstand”, you’re in for a mighty shock... Tsahar sounds like he’s been dusting off his “Interstellar Space” chops on Deals, Ideas, & Ideals... Bill Cole & the Untempered Ensemble: Duets & Solos is an enjoyable though hardly earth-shattering set of pieces... Lovens travels the world with a beat-up traveling case full of assorted bric-a-brac (including his legendary musical saw) heard on the Frank Gratkowski Trio album Quicksand... Here, cleaned up and 24-bit mastered, is the “Original Ellington Suite”... On You Start, you get the impression that notes matter (with all that implies: melody, phrasing, interval, theme and structure), and if you think that went out of style a couple of decades ago, listen to this and change your mind...These two seminal -- and I do not use the word lightly -- works, “Portable Gold and Philosopher’s Stones” and “On Being Invisible”, have been long out of print...Noah Howard Quartet: We might as well be back in 1966, and the sound quality of the album is almost as dodgy as the old ESPs.
Latest releases for February 2001:
”Reich Remixed” certainly seems at face value to be a blatant exercise in “cashing in”...Curiously, the music of Synopsis sounds alarmingly modern...Thank you to Radu Malfatti for cleaning out our ears...This Cage album is fantastically beautiful music performed with loving care and attention...What’s curious about Kaija Saariaho’s music is that it seems to have stepped out of time...Giacinto Scelsi di Ayala Valva didn’t just beam down to planet Earth from Saturn like Sun Ra...Janek Schaefer’s source sounds are diverse, ranging from cranky old organs to Vegas slot machines and electrical storms and solar eclipses...Marc Sens presents a strong and simple tale of a young man and his guitar... Paul Steenhuisen’s new CD there is nothing here but the recordings, as Wm. Burroughs might have said.

American maverick composer George Antheil on the web, sponsored by Paris Transatlantic and Les Amis de George Antheil.


Archived features from our basement vaults: Brothers Baschet and their sonorous sculptures, June in Buffalo; and... Dr. Warburton's latest reviews: Elisabeth Chojnacka at Radio France, Calx - Improvisations Vol. 1, Outcome, with Bailey and Lacy; Matthew Ostrowski's - VERTEBRA, The London Sinfonietta at Présences Festival in Paris, the CD Label Ground Fault, (from Government Alpha to Zipper Sky), plus David Fiuczynski - JAZZPUNK, NOTATION DES LOTS and Lori Freedman: HUSKLESS or Noël Akchoté: ALIKE JOSEPH. Dan covers Brice Pauset's interminable and utterly stultifying [-editor's artistic license] "A" at Chatelet in Paris; listens to SONIC CIRCUITS VII and Sonic Youth with an open ear; and then tries out Chaya Czernowin: AFATSIM.

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Composer George Antheil led a wild and adventurous life. He scandalized Paris in the 1920s, but surprised everyone by retiring to write Hollywood film scores.

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Remain calm if your PNMR magazine is stolen in the Paris metro...

Reviews of Stockhausen's Gruppen and Gesang from the archives. Plus, an update on Peter Greenaway: What on earth is he doing? Take a look behind the scenes, with 100 points of flight...


Why is this man smiling? Our first official issue of the Paris New Music Review back in 1993 opened with an interview of Pierre Boulez by Josh Cody, then director of new music programming for WNUR Chicago. In honor of our 6th anniversary (and the narrowly avoided lawsuit by IRCAM), we reprint that review in its unexpurgated original.

what else?
Also in these pages: an interview with improvisor Eugene Chadbourne, a man who blends country music and the avant-garde. Plus, read reviews of John Zorn's albums, The Parachute Years and Angelus Novus.

Filmmaker Peter Greenaway, transatlantic composer Betsy Jolas, Princetonian Paul Lansky, iconoclast Ben Johnston, director Pierre Audi, plus other intriguing musicians... And if you want more, read about Newt Hinton, his pigs, his haiku attempts, his work in door-to-door sales, and his very strange ensemble.
David Grubbs: The American guitarist/pianist/songwriter talks to us in (where else?) Paris. Or try our interview with Luc Ferrari, the irreverent French composer!

dutch scene
See our interview with improvisor-pianist Misha Mengelberg, or check out director-composer Heiner Goebbels, and guitarist-composer- improvisor Fred Frith... all in exclusive interviews by Paris Transatlantic Magazine. And pianist Alan Feinberg talks about the "new" Ives Concerto.

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Out of Town
Heart and Sack
Anatomie des Clefs
Obkekt 2
Haut Plateau
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David Slusser
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John Zorn
Vanessa Lann
Straake Lucht
Ne Ne
New Dutch Swing
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