Questions about Paris Transatlantic

What is Paris Transatlantic?

Paris Transatlantic is a digital magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary and improvised music worldwide, reaching beyond traditional academic coverage through a lively format and (we hope) exciting controversial writing.

Why Paris?

The magazine was founded in Paris by a group of North American musicians, and Paris still serves as a communications hub for our operations. Its central location and its active international arts scene are invaluable resources for us. The magazine does not limit its writing to Paris though: our goal is global coverage.

Our writers:

We have a network of correspondents in cities from Tokyo to Boston; from Moscow to Stockholm who submit information, critiques, and concert and CD reviews from around the world. The Paris office filters, researches, edits, and translates thousands of words every month for publication.

What kind of music?

Contemporary classical, Electronica, Jazz (non mainstream.. Diana Krall doesn't need our help), Improvisation, Performance Art, Post Rock, new dance and film music: anything new, unusual, and non-commercial. Again, Britney and Céline can manage just fine without reviews in PT.

What's inside?

A wealth of information, ranging from the humor of our Grapevine to serious philosophical analysis of contemporary trends. Most issues feature an interview with a major figure or extended feature on contemporary musical arts. We feature a range of today's talented young composers, improvisors, and performers in our pages who do not yet have the name recognition to merit the attention of the commercial media.

What is our target audience?

Not just musicians – we write for the general arts public.

Our Subscribers:

In its three years of publishing, the PNMR Society created an impressive subscriber base in North America and Europe. Now, through Paris Transatlantic, our internet version, via reviews, criticism, commissioning, audience building, outreach, publishing, and sponsoring performances, we reach universities, musicians, artists, scholars, intellectuals, jazzers, media representatives, and festivals: professionals and amateurs of new music alike.

Who publishes the magazine?

The PNMR Society, based in Paris, published the journal on a limited edition, private basis for three years. Subsequently we became, and we are now published by Transatlantic Media. Publisher Guy Livingston holds degrees from Yale University, The New England Conservatory, and the Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands. Editor-in-Chief Dan Warburton holds degrees from Eastman School of Music and Cambridge University.

Information for Libraries

The collected print issues of the PNMR are an essential source of information, containing fourteen exclusive interviews with major figures in contemporary music, many of whom are rarely interviewed in English. News, calendars and concert reviews from such places as Russia and Japan are also invaluable. The PNMR magazine provided a rich portrait of new and modern music not limited to one city or style. Please contact us about pricing for the complete set of four years of archives (18 issues).


Our global outreach program for the promotion of contemporary music has garnered us occasional publicity:

"A veritable treasure trove of interviews and reviews."
- Anne Hilde Neset, The Wire #236

4/4 stars
- LudwigVan

Top Ten Websites
- Chamber Music America Magazine

"Chatty and informative"
- Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe

"A hip new ' zine!"
- Bob Bishop, The Paris Free Voice

And from our readers:
"...Hip, Global, Wild, International, Fun, Uncensored, Thoughtful, Hard-Hitting,, 21st-Century, Avant-Garde, Provocative, Comprehensive, "The CNN of New Music," Irreverent, Intelligent, and Innovative..."

We have (of course) had a negative comments, accusing us of "irrelevance," "superficiality," "Eurocentrism," "European-bashing," and the inevitable flood of mail when we piss people off. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Please bear in mind that some of the archived interviews on this site are up to ten years old, but they still contain much useful material, and we leave them posted on the internet as a service to our readers.

Our Staff

Contributors included

David Cotner (USA) Nate Dorward (Canada) Jon Dale (Australia) Lawrence English (Australia) John Gill (Spain) Stephen Griffith (USA) Richard Hutchinson (USA) Vid Jeraj (Croatia) Guy Livingston (Netherlands / USA) Joe Milazzo (USA) Massimo Ricci (Italy) Derek Taylor (USA) Dan Warburton (France) Kristoffer Westin (Sweden), and many more, too numerous to mention here, but included in our archives.

Board of Directors

Guy Livingston
Dan Warburton
Nate Dorward
Original Comité d'Honneur
Louis Andriessen
Milton Babbitt
William Bolcom
Lukas Foss

Guy Livingston
Hugh Livingston


Derek Bermel
Joshua Cody
Christopher Elson