Resources and Bibliography


Resources and Bibliography

Antheil and the Treatise on Harmony, Ezra Pound, 1923.

Bad Boy of Music, George Antheil, 1945.

“Further Notes and Anecdotes on Spread-Spectrum Origins”, IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. COM-31, No. 1, January 1983, article by Robert Price, fellow, IEEE. pp 85-97.

Les Gazettes d'Adrienne Monnier, first published in Le Navire d'Argent (January 1926): [translated by Richard McDougall, in The Very Rich Hours of Adrienne Monnier, Charles Scribner's Sons, NY, 1976.]

“Hedy Lamarr, Sultry Star Who Reigned in Hollywood Of 30’s and 40’s, Dies at 86” by Richard Severo. The New York Times: obituary. Thursday, January 20, 2000. p B15.

The Life and Music of George Antheil, 1900-1959, Linda Whitesitt, 1981. Dissertation at University of Maryland, published by UMI Research Press.

Four Lives in Paris, Hugh Ford. North Point Press, San Francisco, 1987.

Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation, Noel Riley Fitch. W. W. Norton, 1983.

L'inhumaine, silent film by Marcel L'Herbier, 1923. Restored version. Champenard: Ciné Vidéo Film.

Making Music Modern
Carol J. Oja, Making Music Modern: New York in the 1920s (Oxford University Press, 2000). Particularly interesting for Antheil fans is Chapter 5, "Ballet Mécanique and International Modernist Networks."

Special Collections
Butler Library of Rare Books at Columbia University (correspondence)
Lilly Library of Indiana University (letters from Ezra Pound)
The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (mss and archives)
Centre du film sur l'art, Bruxelles (historic film archives)

The Estate of George Antheil (email)

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An (Incomplete) CD Listing

The award-winning documentary seen on PBS is now on DVD in a special feature-length cut... This 2-disc set also comes with these extras: The Léger/Murphy film Ballet mécanique in a pristine transfer from 35mm film, with George Antheil's original score, performed on 16 player pianos and percussion, edited for the film; the complete performance of the world premiere of the Ballet mécanique in its original orchestration, by the University of Massachusetts Lowell Percussion Ensemble, Jeffrey Fischer, conductor; plus extended interviews with Antheil expert Charles Amirkhanian, poet Stanley Burnshaw, Antheil student and Pulitzer-prize winner Henry Brant, and more. Available on and


George Antheil Piano Concertos 1&2, Jazz Symphony, plus solo piano
music. Markus Becker, pianist; NDR Radiophilharmonie, conducted by Eiji Oue.


George Antheil The Complete Works for String Quartet
Del Sol String Quartet Other Minds/CD 1008-2
Del Sol String Quartet: Kate Stenberg, 1st violin Rick Shinozaki, 2nd violin Charlton Lee, viola Monica Scott, cello

Symphony No. 4 "1942"
Everest - #9039
George Antheil (Disc also includes Aaron Copland: Statements for Orchestra)
Thanks to the CD revolution, Everest is able to bring into print its astonishing backlog of classical music from the 1950s. One of the works on this disc worth mentioning is the reasonably obscure Symphony 4 by George Antheil, probably the most reviled American composer of the century. Curiously, this symphony is rather controlled and cogent; nowhere does Antheil seem conscious of the American sypmhonies of the previous decades (Hanson, Harris, et al.). Get this for the Antheil." —Paul Cook, writing for

Valentine Waltzes (excerpts) for piano No 1
Composed by George Antheil
Marthanne Verbit, pianist
ASIN: B0000049ME

American Trumpet Sonatas
Wea/Atlantic/Finlandia - #17691

Fighting the Waves
Ensemble Moderne
BMG Label

Violin Sonatas 1,2, and 4
Reinbert de Leeuw, piano, Vera Beths, violin
Auvidis, France, 1994. Montaigne 782022
(out of print)

Benedikt Koehlen: Antheil piano album
Available to purchase at

Piano Pictures: Benedikt Koehlen
An insightful and comprehensive look at the piano music.
Available at

American Classics: Antheil Symphonies 4 and 6
Available at and major record stores. (and it's only US$6)
Conductor: Theodore Kuchar
Ensemble: Ukrainian National Symphony Orchestra
Reference: Naxos - #8559033

Antheil: Symphonies 1 & 6, etc.
Available at and major record stores
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Ensemble: Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra
Reference: Cpo - #999604

Available to purchase at OtherMinds.
A recording of historic importance.
Antheil plays Antheil: a 2 CD set, includes historic interviews.

Gloria Cheng
Piano music featuring dances...including excerpts from La Femme sans têtes.

4th Symphony
1944 radio premiere w/ Stokowski

Hideki Nagano
Japanese pianist Hideki Nagano, who lives in Paris, and is a soloist of the Ensemble InterContemporain, has released a disc on the PianoVox label, featuring: Jazz Sonata, Sonatina (Death of the Machines), and La Femme 100 têtes Distribution by Sony Music France. [PIA 511-2] humorous, crisp and clear.

Available to purchase at
The Lowell version of the Ballet Mécanique

Henry Cowell, George Antheil, Leo Ornstein:
The Bad Boys! (hat ART Records 6144)
The Lost Piano Sonatas, Guy Livingston, pianist
Wergo Records 6661-2 (see for more information)

Capital of the World; Symphony 5; Archipelago Kosice
Philharmonic/Barry Kolman Centaur 2293 (Qualiton Records)
String Quartets with the Mondriaan String Quartet
out of print

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Gene Shepherd Gene Shepherd, brilliant radio show host of the 1950's, can be heard in a moving tribute to Antheil, broadcast in 1958, at

Schirmer Publishing: owns rights to nearly all the Antheil oeuvre
Some additional scores are published by Boosey and Hawkes, and Theordore Presser
The Bibliotheque Nationale de France: source for archives from the 1920s
A personal Antheil page from Holland
A narrative site about the Patent
A fan site for Hedy Lamarr
San Francisco Concert 2000
Benjamin Lees, composer and student of Antheil
Other Minds Festival
Wired Magazine Article on Ballet Mécanique
Paul Lehrman's terrific site:
Centre du film sur l'art (Belgium)
More American Music
NewMusicBox Magazine
Paris Transatlantic Magazine

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Special thanks:
Thanks to Peter Antheil, to Bob Antheil, and to Henry Antheil, who have all been extremely generous with their time and enthusiasm.
Thanks to Charles Amirkhanian of the Estate of George Antheil
Piano Concerto and Suite excerpts recorded live: Performed from the original manuscripts at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, January 31st, 2000.
Monica McGoldrick for her extensive geneological research
Neale McGoldrick for her assistance on history, politics and locating out-of-print books
Patricia Fréchon of the Médiatheque Berlioz at the Conservatoire Superieure in Paris
George Bosiwick and Alan Pally of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
Paul Lehrman, expert on the Ballet Mécanique and creator of
Mary E. Davis of Case Western Reserve University

This page was designed by Guy Livingston, artistic director of Paris Transatlantic Media, for les Amis de George Antheil, Paris, France. All information copyright 2000 by Paris Transatlantic unless otherwise noted.
Guy holds degrees in music history and performance from Yale University, the New England Conservatory, and the Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands.

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Antheil Cartoon
From the New York Sun, April 10th, 1927. Cartoon by Miguel Covarrubias.